Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia


Working Career

Current         Ambassador

2019-2021    Special adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

2017-2019    Director for Analytics in the MFA

2010-2017    Different positions in the MFA

2006-2010    Director for Diaspora in the MFA

2002-2006    Different positions in the MFA

2001-2002    Head of the Macedonian Mission to the Council of Europe, Strasbourg

1996-2000    Director for Multilateral Organizations / NATO in the MFA

1991-1996    Different positions in the Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs of the SFR of Yugoslavia and Macedonian MFA

1988-1991    Vice-consul / Acting Yugoslav Consul General in Thessaloniki, Greece

1980-1988    Different positions in the Macedonian Secretariat for Foreign Relations & the Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs of the SFR of Yugoslavia



Up to 2019   Number of diplomatic courses and in-service trainings

19983/84     Post-diploma studies: International Relations & Development, the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands

1975/1979    Law School, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje


Selected activities

2010/11       Macedonian National Coordinator for regional organizations and cooperation

1998/2000    Macedonian Head Negotiators with NATO

1995/98       Member of the Macedonian Delegation to the UN General Assembly

1994/98       Macedonian Representative to the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee on Human Rights



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- Editorial Board, (1997) OSCE, Basic Documents on Human Rights (in Macedonian)

- Editorial Board, (1996) UN, Basic Documents on Human Rights(in Macedonian)



Macedonian (mother tongue); English, French, Greek; Serbo-Croatian



Married; two daughters; two grandsons

Last entry: 05.05.2021